July 3, 2018


Managed Security Operations Centre (Soc)

Effective cyber security monitoring and response is critical to all enterprise IT security programmes. However, many organisations fail to drive value from investments either in- house or when outsourcing to a traditional Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). This can lead to an increase in the volume and severity of security incidents.

Our award-winning cyber security operations team specialises in the design, build and running of security operations centres. We provide dedicated capability which gains deep contextual awareness of your environment and provides an end-to-end SOC management service.

Unlike traditional providers we don’t take a one size fits all approach. We design the SOC people, processes and technology around your business requirements and ensure you get what you need to protect your business.

Our team of dedicated SOC experts are the key to our success, driving strong security monitoring leadership & execution – removing the key challenge of hiring, training and retaining SOC talent.

Managed SOC Service

  • Fully managed cyber security operations centre
  • Dedicated expert SOC team with deep knowledge of your business
  • Customised security monitoring and response delivered to approved SLAs
  • Flexible operation models – we can build on or offsite SOCs, operate them 24/7 or on a reduced hours basis and provide a range of functionality
  • Access to threat intelligence and information sharing
  • Integration and reporting to support your wider security initiatives

Process Improvement & Audit Services

With the intention of helping companies in implementing and adhering to any of these International Standards, we have a suite of Consultancy services which include:

  • GDPR Consulting, Implementation & Professional Services
  • ISO 9001& 27001 Consulting , Implementation , Certification&Professional Services
  • BCP/DR (BCMS) Services
  • Compliance Management and Training

We also have a highly qualified team of auditors to scour your information security controls and identify weaknesses to help protect you from those that will cause trouble – attackers, forgetful or disgruntled employees, and yes, regulators.

We offer a comprehensive Information Systems Audit which includes the following audits as a part of its:

  • Information Systems and Security Audit
  • IT General Controls Audit
  • Database Audit
  • ERP Audit

Vulnerability Assessment and Network & Application Penetration Testing

  • A comprehensive security audit of Applications, IT Infrastructure and Cloud Services. Complete assessment for external and internal attacks on the infrastructure and applications
  • Unique 3 layered assessment approach that uncovers 60% more vulnerabilities when compared to competitors – Most companies carry out only automated assessment whereas we carry out Automated (usage of automated tools to find vulnerabilities), Semi-Automated (combination of automated and manual methods to create proof of concept exploits) and Manual (manual methods to determine expert level vulnerabilities and exploits – system specific weak points determined) assessments.
  • Zero downtime of the client systems during assessment – regardless of the number of geographies
  • Manual Assessment Suite comprising of techniques like Manual Fuzzing, Reverse Engineering, Simulated Code Analysis, Encryption Analysis and Cracking etc.
  • Specialized services like Secure Code Review, Threat Modelling and Secure Architecture Design Review

Year Round Security Assessment:

  • Overcomes loopholes present in current industry methods of security testing
  • Overcomes the three main security gaps of the conventional approaches to Vulnerability Assessment (Time Gap, Consistency Gap, Dynamic Gap)
  • Continuous, proactive and incremental assessment
  • Is more effective and less expensive than carrying out 2 or 3 VA/PTs a year
  • Ensures protection even against zero day threats
  • Complete Business Impact Analysis carried out
  • Comprehensive three layered assessments to report business impact of the discovered vulnerabilities and its remediation
  • Customer specific Advisories for Continuous and Proactive updates on 0-days vulnerabilities provided throughout the year such that the vulnerabilities are fixed before the attacker community launches them ,Infrastructure changes impacting overall security will be analysed, proactive measures will be recommended and implementation will be verified.

Onsite Services

We provide skilled, experienced and qualified IMS Professional as per organizational needs. It’s a complete service ownership driven model where we will own & deliver to agreed SLA terms. We offer solutions in the following areas

  • Deskside Services
  • Network Services
  • Database Administration
  • Datacenter & Compute Services
    • Windows Administration
    • Linux Administration
    • Storage Administration
    • Backup Administration
  • Email & Collaboration Tools
    • MS Exchange
    • MS Lync
    • Cisco UCS
    • Information Security Services

Staff/Skill Augmentation Services

We offer IT staffing solution to help organizations to quickly ramp up & start delivery from day zero. Benefits of our staffing solution is to address organizations ability to ramp up & down faster. It also helps the organization to become cost neutral for at least 2 years with Quicker turn around on projects, Savings on training cost with a higher ROI, Strong process orientation & Better productivity with specialized resource deployment. We offer following two models of resourcing.

Contract to Hire

Contract-to-hire helps our customers to fulfil a full-time engineer (FTE). It is a flexible staffing solution where a candidate is employed with us for a year with an option to convert into a permanent role after evaluating his/ her skills and capabilities for a specific period. As an employer, you get lots of flexibility in terms of monitoring work performance of a FTE prior to making a formal offer of employment.

Contract-to-Hire Solutions are offered on an hourly/monthly bill rate for the contract period which is valid till the date the FTE gets into a permanent employment with the company. Finally, Klickstartreceives a conversion fee once the FTE is actually converted to regular employment of your organization.

Cloud Based Telephony EPABX / IVR

A suite of hosted voice applications for call tracking, call notifications, call forwarding, call automation and interactive voice response (IVR).

These technologies help businesses manage , measure and automate voice communications. We make Business Communication on Phone virtually accessible for companies to manage. Business Intelligence and reporting on phone calls now on your Finger Tips


Information security Training,
Secure code development Training,
Image consulting
Soft skills Training


Endpoint Security & DLP
SMail server Security ,
Gateway Security (Firewall, SMTP & Web gateway),
Backup ,Archival& Virtualization
Microsoft- AD and Exchange