July 3, 2018


Enterprise Security
Our service offerings span security consulting,integration and management.

Our Enterprise security practice creates secure Infrastructure for enterprises. Our extensive experience, expertise in IT security Solutions coupled with the most comprehensive range of end-point security solutions boost our clientele’s business momentum.







Emerging Technologies
Our offerings span the domains of IT infrastructure Consolidation,  Virtualization  and ApplicationPerformance Management.

Our solutions are in alignment with the client’s multiple layered IT infrastructures spanning Data Centres, Compute Platforms, Storage, Applications and Networks. A deep understanding of the Client’s IT environment and our wide range of IT solutions help us to enhance their business Processes with increased agility and greater savings on time, cost and resources.

IT infrastructure Management &Networking :-

The network drives operational effectiveness, end user productivity and client satisfaction in today’s business environment.

As the backbone of your IT operations, your network infrastructure must provide reliable, secure support for converged data, wireless, real-time applications, virtualized data centres and more.

Combining the technologies, expertise and services necessary for your individual needs, We designs and deploy secure real-time network infrastructures built with long-term goals in mind. From assessments to strategy and implementation to management, We deliver assurance of a fine-tuned methodology that has been proven on hundreds of networks.

Discover how we can assist you in designing, deploying and managing Network Infrastructure solutions that drive results for your business.

We have built expertise and experience required to:

  • Bring together voice, video and data seamlessly and securely over wired and wireless networks.
  • Design and implement networking solutions that meet our customers’ technical and business requirements, with a focus on maximizing ROI.
  • Help our customers implement advanced applications to fully leverage the capabilities of their converged networking environments.


IT Process Automation addresses the people to process workflow.  It helps organization to align with industry best practices & attain standards & certifications.

Contract life cycle management:

CLM is a solution and process for managing the life cycle of contracts created and/or administered by or impacting the company. These include third-party contracts, such as outsourcing, procurement, sales, nondisclosure, intellectual property, leasing, facilities management and other licensing, and agreements containing contractual obligations now and in the future.

PVX IP PBX Platform:

Is a Software based IP PBX, Contact Centre and Unified Communication application for an organization.  PVX saves huge costs on your Telephone and Travel Bills, Legacy Hardware systems, Audio / Video conferences & other messaging enterprise apps.  PVX UC Suite brings you all the features like Voice, Email, Presence, Voice Mail, Chat , Audio Conferencing, Video and web conferencing on a single platform.